ISTO welcomes four young interns in its headquarter in Brussels
27 Sep 2021

ISTO welcomes four young interns in its headquarter in Brussels.

As part of their academic and professional development, ISTO will serve as a training platform for four interns during the first semester of this new academic year.

Within ISTO there are many learning opportunities that are interesting for young professionals. This is one of the reasons why this new academic year, the office in Brussels is hosting four young and engaged interns to support the activities planned for this period.

The interns come from Belgium, Spain and Mexico. Which allows having different cultural and linguistic experiences, besides the formal training related to a working environment. Here is a brief presentation of each of them:

Narjis Elk is a 22 year-old Belgian currently studying English, Arabic and Spanish translation at the university and is in her last year of studies at Université Libre de Bruxelles. She will be translating different types of documents like newsletters, interviews, documents, and content in general in these three languages to help reach as many people as possible.

Alexia Lacombe is doing a master degree in Tourism Management at Université Libre de Bruxelles. Her main task is to help the Gender Equality Working Group. She will develop an inventory of best practices and will then interview several ISTO members to know their opinion and vision about gender equality and tourism.

Adriana Lopez Lopez is from Mexico. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, a master’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations and currently she is studying a master in Tourism Management in Brussels. She is a current research intern at ISTO supporting activities such as the creation of a social tourism digital library and is working together with ISTO Americas.

José Luis Mira has just arrived at ISTO from Spain to do an internship in the framework of the Eurodyssey programme. Graduated in Business Administration and Management from the University of Alicante, he will assist in the areas of communication and event organisation, and he will also support the activities organised by ISTO Europe.

During the following months you will get the opportunity to get in contact with them, and hopefully will be able to contribute to their career development.