Data, Indicators, Policies, Public authorities +4
23 May 2023
Measuring sustainable tourism: a state of the art review of sustainable tourism indicators
Accommodation, Tourism, Tourists, Transport +2
4 May 2023
Les jeunes et le tourisme - Étude auprès des 18-34ans
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Democratisation, ISTO, Policies, Rights +2
28 April 2023
Biopolitics and a right to tourism
Economy, Environment, Indicators, Research +4
7 April 2023
Analysis of tourism sustainability synthetic indicators. A case study of Aragon
Accessibility, Associations, Best practices, Disability +5
1 April 2023
Tourisme accessible - Le magazine de l'Association Tourisme & Handicaps - N°10
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Economy, Innovation, Stakeholders, Sustainability +2
24 March 2023
The role of tourism in boosting circular transition: a measurement system based on a participatory approach
Accessibility, Barriers, Benefits, Disability +7
18 March 2023
Needs, motivations, constraints and benefits of people with disabilities participating in tourism activities: the view of formal caregivers
Barriers, Environment, Justice, Social +3
16 March 2023
Socialising tourism: rethinking tourism for social and ecological justice
Best practices, Gender equity, ISTO, Tourism
13 March 2023
The Fundamentals for the Future of Social Tourism: Gender Perspective, Intersectionality and Tourism Diversity
Environment, ISTO, Social, Sustainability +1
10 March 2023
Sostenibilidad social como palanca de cambio frente a la emergencia climática
Best practices, Gender equity, ISTO, Tourism
6 March 2023
Fundamentos para el Futuro del Turismo Social: Perspectiva de Género, Interseccionalidad y Diversidad Turística
Gender equity, Inequalities, Research, Tourism
1 March 2023
Can Tourism Development Reduce Gender Inequality?
Best practices, Community-based tourism, Cooperative sector, Culture +8
1 March 2023
A map of social economy in tourism
Host communities, Public authorities, Research, Social +4
1 March 2023
Rethinking tourism-driven urban transformation and social tourism impact: A scenario from a CEE city
Best practices, Data, Stakeholders, Tourism +1
1 March 2023
Code of Conduct on Data Sharing in Tourism
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Accessibility, Disability, Rural, Seniors +5
24 February 2023
Enabling a sustainable rural-tourism: The challenge of accessibility
Accessibility, Disability, Inclusion, Tourism +1
1 February 2023
Propuesta de desarrollo de turismo accesible para el destino Santa Clara
Accommodation, Benefits, Data, Equality +6
1 February 2023
Detecting Early Signs of Overtourism: Bringing Together Indicators of Tourism Development With Data Fusion
Cooperative sector, Economy, Education, Innovation +4
1 February 2023
Turismo e Economia Social: Uma perspetiva a partir da Diesis Network
Accessibility, Barriers, Benefits, Disability +5
31 January 2023
Disability Inclusion in Diving Tourism: Perspectives from the Industry in South Africa
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