Regional CafecISTOs took over the screen during the month of May
26 May 2022

Regional CafecISTOs took over the screen during the month of May.

ISTO's regional sections have been very active over the last few weeks, organizing CafecISTOs to keep their members informed about different interesting topics.

CafecISTOs Europe and America were held on Wednesday 18th of May.

CafecISTO Europe focused on fair and sustainable tourism practices, under the theme “2030: Which fair and sustainable tourism practices?”. The speakers were José María de Juan Alonso from KOAN Consulting (Spain), Paola Fagioli from Legambiente ONLUS (Italy) and Philippe Moretti from Auberge de Jeunesse 17 La Rochelle – Rochefort - Saintes (France).

The recording of CafecISTO Europe is available here:

CafecISTO Americas was the occasion to exchange with the members about their impressions of the Encuentro de las Américas de Turismo Social, held in Colombia in April. The members expressed their optimism regarding the future of the relations between them and highlighted the support of ISTO Americas. The meeting was also an opportunity for the members to coordinate information about the next Board Meeting of ISTO Americas and to inform about upcoming ISTO events, in which every member is invited to actively participate. Events such as the International Week of Fair and Sustainable Tourism for All, the meeting of ISTO members in Mexico, which will also take place in the framework of the International Week in San Luis Potosí (20 to 22 June) and the ISTO Awards, where members will have the opportunity to inspire a Sustainable and Fair Tourism for All.

Finally, Isabel Novoa, ISTO’s president, invited all the members of the Americas to participate in the next World Congress of Social Tourism, which will take place at the Azores Islands from 12 to 15 October 2022.

On 25 May, a CafecISTO Africa was held in commemoration of Africa Day. The theme "Social tourism that unites Africa" discussed the value of social tourism in fostering unity across the continent by initiating intra-African tourism. The speakers at this event were Beulah Mosupye from Hauweng, South Africa and Livine Demanou Nguepi from Batoufam Tourisme et Loisirs, Cameroon.

CafecISTO Africa is available here: