Testimonies of best practices
6 Oct 2021

Testimonies of best practices.

Round table, interviews and testimonies of best practices

"Post-crisis: what future for Tourism for All stakeholders and accommodation? How to reinvent yourself? The basic trends and which elements to integrate into your marketing strategy"

What are the major trends in tourism in the future, what are the new expectations in terms of tourism accommodation.

Christelle Lepoutre

Marketing Research Officer and Data Reporting Project Manager, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Tourisme

After several years in the tourism sector, Christelle is now in charge of studies in the marketing department of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Tourisme.

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She analyses the tourism sector in order to determine recommendations for action and to support professionals in our sector. Passionate about this activity, Christelle shares and transmits her knowledge to the students of the Tourism degree, and makes it a major point to update her knowledge continuously.

Main testimony

Francisco Madelino

President of Fundação INATEL

Francisco is Economist and Professor at ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon, in the areas of Economic Theory, Portuguese and European Economy, Tourism and Social Economy, and President of the General Council of the IPS ( Santarém Polytechnic Institute).

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President of the Board of Directors of INATEL Foundation since 25 January 2016. Researcher, and consultant, with several works performed and published, in the areas of employment, professional development, macroeconomics, sectoral economy, social economy and local economy, social security and public administration, all of them performed in the sphere of his work at ISCTE and Research Centres DINAMIA (Centre for Socio-economic Change Studies) and PROACT (Unit for Research and Support for Local Development) and the Space and Development consultant.

How do the French/Europeans perceive Social and Solidarity Tourism. Evaluation of expectations and potential.

Guilhem Poncy Durée

Head of the Marketing Research Department, Auvergne-Rhône Alpes Tourisme

Guilhem has been in charge of tourism studies and observation for more than 10 years at the regional level.

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He manages the Marketing Studies division and implements appropriate and operational studies to serve the development and marketing strategies of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Tourisme and the region's tourism stakeholders. These studies cover the monitoring of the offer, the number of visitors, the tourist economy, the analysis of customer expectations and behaviour, and the deciphering of trends and forecasts. He has also worked on the development of tourism in the Auvergne and more particularly on prospecting and assisting investors and project leaders in tourism real estate.

Main testimony

Valeria Gherardini

Head of International Projects, Associazione Italiana Cultura e Sport (AICS)

Valeria has a master’s degree in Community Psychology with a post graduate specialization in community mediation.

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She had several research experiences with universities, public authorities and private research entities in the field of social policies to promote social cohesion in communities. Valeria has worked as a business consultant for the third sector organisations to implement management efficiency throughout training, mentoring and advocacy tools and services. She has been working as an expert evaluator of EACEA (Education, Cultural and Audiovisual Agency of the European Commission) and INDIRE (Italian National Agency of Education and Research) of project proposals addressing to Eu grants. Valeria has a special expertise on grassroots sport as a key-tool to promote public health and social inclusion, developed with AICS - Italian Association of Culture and Sport, the National Olympic Committee and CSIT - the International Confederation of Sport for amateurs and has been cooperating for the fundraising and coordination of projects at national and international level into the sector of grassroots sport, social tourism, migration policies in cooperation with several NGOs.

Relevant initiatives in terms of offers/strategies developed by collective accommodation stakeholders.

Emmanuel Meunier

Managing Director, TCI Research

Emmanuel is Managing Director and Partner of TCI Research, a research firm endorsed by the World Tourism Organisation and European leader in destination competitiveness analysis.

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Through its TRAVELSAT© range of reference solutions, adopted by more than 100 destinations in France and internationally, TCI Research provides a recognised standard for measuring the attractiveness of destinations: sectoral trends, visitor experience, expenditure analysis, and monitoring the e-reputation of tourism brands. Emmanuel works with key stakeholders in the tourism industry, both institutional and private. He is a specialist in benchmarking the visitor experience and monitoring the perception of tourism by residents, two subjects that are intimately linked for a sensible, quality and more inclusive tourism, which takes into account the interests of all stakeholders.

Main testimony

Yves Godin

General Director of Floreal Group and General Secretary of ISTO

Yves is, since 2010, Secretary General of the International Social Tourism Organisation.

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He also works as General Manager/Director of the Floreal Group, which is one of the leaders in Belgian associative tourism, President of the Technical Committee of Social Tourism of the Walloon region in Belgium and finally, Member of the Tourism Council of the Walloon region.


Simon Thirot

Managing Director of UNAT

Simon has been General Delegate of the National Union of Tourism and Outdoor Associations (UNAT) since 2018.

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In this capacity, he is also a member of the Conseil Supérieur de l'Economie Social et Solidaire and Secretary General of the Mouvement Associatif. Before that, he was chief of staff at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the Secretary of State in charge of the promotion of Tourism (2014-2017), as well as at the Ministry of the Interior (2017).