Vacances Ouvertes VO

Vacances Ouvertes VO.

Families, Youth


Holiday support organisation

Vacances Ouvertes (VO) is an association at the crossroads of tourism and social action whose vocation is to promote access to holidays for those who are excluded.
VO does not work directly with these groups but assists professionals working in the fields of social action, family, youth or integration policies in the construction of holiday projects with people who are far from them; to this end, it issues several calls for projects in partnership with the ANCV (National Agency for Holiday Vouchers). VO has also designed Sac Ados, a scheme to encourage autonomy, mobility and citizenship among young people aged 16 to 25. Approved as a training organisation, Vacances Ouvertes has also developed a studies and research centre to better appreciate the effects of holiday projects on the accompanied public but also to explore new or contemporary social fields such as the place of the holiday project in relation to family respite, caregiver respite or equality between women and men.
As a militant association, VO sees the holiday project as a happy way of talking about self-confidence, mobility, autonomy, and giving the most fragile members of the public the feeling of being like everyone else.
Vacances Ouvertes is also a place of resources and exchanges between professionals, translated into a community of practices dedicated to helping people go on holiday. Its field of intervention is national and its network counts nearly 500 member structures. The association Vacances Ouvertes contributes to the departure of nearly 20,000 people each year. Vacances Ouvertes is an association under the 1901 law, member of UNAT (National Union of Tourism Associations) and EAPN (European Antipoverty Network).