Launch of the report “Sesc Bertioga, where social tourism builds hope”
24 Feb 2021

Launch of the report "Sesc Bertioga, where social tourism builds hope".

Last Tuesday, more than 50 participants from mainly Latin America and Spain gathered at an event organised by ISTO, Sesc Sao Paulo and Alba Sud to launch the report.

The report "Sesc Bertioga, where social tourism builds hope", published by Alba Sud Editorial, was officially launched on Tuesday 23rd February. In an event organised by the International Social Tourism Organisation - ISTO, Sesc São Paulo and Alba Sud, more than 50 participants, mainly from Latin America and Spain, gathered.

With the moderation of Verónica Gómez, director of ISTO Americas, the Report was presented and included interventions by Flavia Costa, coordinator of the Social Tourism Nucleus of Sesc São Paulo; Henrique Barcelos, deputy manager of Sesc Bertioga and Ernest Cañada, coordinator of Alba Sud.

Sesc Bertioga is a beach resort owned by Sesc Sao Paulo and located on the coast of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. With more than 70 years of operation, it has become a benchmark good practice of social tourism in Latin America.

It is possible to download the Alba Sud Report in Spanish here.

Here is the video: