ISTO met with its members from Flanders to discuss future steps
16 Nov 2020

ISTO met with its members from Flanders to discuss future steps.

Yves Godin, ISTO’s General Secretary, discussed with our Flemish members future actions to work on social, solidarity and responsible tourism.

On october 28th our General Secretary, Yves Godin, held a meeting with ISTO’s members from Flanders. In this occasion, the discussion was centered around 3 main points:

  1. Comments by a representative of Visit Flanders on the evolution of legislation in Flanders for Social Tourism. In particular about the possibility of obtaining specific recognition for the Social Tourism sector.
  2. Presentation by Luc Gobin of the activities developed within the framework of the development of a specific policy for Youth Tourism in Flanders.
  3. Functioning of ISTO. In this regard, all the participants recognised the relevance of ISTO, and expecte to work towards measures targeted for operators.


After discussion, Floreal Group proposed to the other participants to reflect on several themes that could be developed jointly. Finally, the members were asked to identify 3 priorities to work on. The subjects proposed are:

  • Group purchasing policy.
  • Common website.
  • Raising the profile of Sustainable and Solidarity-based Social Tourism via Visit Flanders and other public channels.
  • Development of new products.
  • Working together on future trends.
  • SDG's adapted for our sector.
  • DNA of the sector.
  • Organising joint workshops.
  • Joint marketing and communication.
  • Drawing up an ethical charter.
  • Further development of the "Zeejemee" project
Sabrina Urrutia - ISTO 16-11-2020