Universidad Provincial de Ezeiza

Universidad Provincial de Ezeiza.

Culture, Education, Inclusion, Research, Tourism, Youth


Academic institution

The Provincial University of Ezeiza is an Argentinian public institution with more than 8,100 students in its university courses, more than 300 students in the School of Professional Education (EEP) and more than 2,500 students for the various extension proposals.
Its mission is to become an agent of training and production of scientific, cultural and technological knowledge, observing the people's needs, as a target subject and part of the community with which its actions are designed.
Knowledge is conceived as co-creation between the institution and the community of which it is a part since local action and universal thinking are reciprocal and complementary.
The values upheld by its mission are the exercise of responsible autonomy as an action that demonstrates: commitment to equal opportunities, reduction of asymmetries, acceptance of diversity as a source of renewal for public policies in the service of development, cohesion and peace; solidarity, tolerance, creativity and innovation, and flexibility that allow us to clearly understand and address, together with the community to which it belongs, the real needs in a process of shared solutions with all the actors.