Ilie Rotariu

Ilie Rotariu.

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Rotariu’s parents were chalets managers and he spent his childhood with the tourists in the mountains at Poiana Neamţului’s chalet near Avrig. The schools in Bucharest and Sibiu showed him the rigor of mountains’ life and the temptations of the city. At the beginning of the 1970s, as a student at the Faculty of Foreign Trade in Bucharest, Rotariu was part of the golden generations of Romania’s guides who actually built the offer of international tourism during the years of tourism’s glory in Romania. From 1975 to 1977, he headed the hotel sector to Timisoara, then returned to Sibiu managing the tourism agency of the Sibiu County Tourism Office, Sibiu being at the time the turntable of the Romanian international tourism. Since 1981 Rotariu has been an influential member of the board. In 1990, in the spring, he engaged himself in the work of reforming tourism, interrupted by a serious traffic accident. Then, he took over the Păltiniş Mountain Society, but disappointed, in 1994, opened his own private travel agency, a WATA member. In 2001, at the request of the local university, he joined higher education Sibiu University as a professor specialist in tourism – leisure and education and communication sciences.

Publications related to tourism (general)

    • It is about the Time to rewrite the Economics: the Course from 3S to 3E – Rotariu, I., Editura Alma Mater, 2006
    • 2002 DRACULA AS CULTURAL TOURISM – or ” the long way the fiction in Bram Stoker’s book turns into a “cultural tourism product” or ” the incredible saga of a mass media subject which is about to become a prophet in its own roots’ place “- The ATLAS Winter University – January, 2002, PORTOROZ, Sloven – “Cultural tourism: past, present, future”

Publications related to social tourism

    • 2003 Novi sad mutual promotion of cultural offer
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    • 2004 New Approaches on Building, Organizing and Managing an Area Destination
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