Emma Pla

Emma Pla.

Culture, Research


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Director of the Master in Innovation in Tourism Management and researcher on enogastronomic tourism. Economist of formation and dedicated to the tourism sector by choice. Emma started her career in the tourism sector from the hotel industry to later join the tourism consulting sector. Currently, working at the university allows her to transfer the knowledge acquired and continue learning. She is currently doing a doctoral thesis entitled “Tourism and gastronomy: a methodological model for measuring the development of gastronomic tourism in a destination”.

Publications related to tourism (general)

    • Profile of the gastronomic tourist for the demarcation of Barcelona, council of Barcelona
    • In the book Cooking as an Educational Tool, the chapter entitled Gastronomy as Intangible Heritage
  • In the book Ciudad Educadora y turismo responsable, the chapter entitled: El turismo gastronómico: una oportunidad para el turismo responsable (Gastronomic tourism: an opportunity for responsible tourism).