Consejo Iberoamericano de Diseño, Ciudad y Construcción Accesible – CIDCCA

Consejo Iberoamericano de Diseño, Ciudad y Construcción Accesible – CIDCCA.

Accessibility, Disability, Inclusion


Tourism operator

The Association aims to promote, stimulate and develop policies and strategies that allow for the progressive and sustained implementation of the necessary actions so that, in the planning, design and construction of cities, buildings and all types of architecture and infrastructure, all subjects of rights are guaranteed, especially those with some degree of disability - temporary or permanent, the elderly, minors in their early childhood and all types of people who, due to their condition, require it, in order to ensure normal and free development of their activities, adequate communication and safe movement.
In addition to the object presented, it also includes the development of public and private entities inspection activities and other actions in favour of inclusion and accessibility, through the implementation and practice of universal design, the study and professional problematisation of architecture and urban planning around disability and themes converging with the right to the physical built environment.
In line with the purpose of the CIDCCA, it is important to emphasise the autonomy and independence of each of the sections in the different countries; a constitution that must respect the parameters and requirements in accordance with the legal regulations of the country where the section is to be established.
The purpose described hereabove also implies a wide list of specific objectives which, among others, correspond to the most important activities to be carried out, including legislative promotion, resource management, project support, education and training, direct attention to people with disabilities and accessible tourism services, among others. For this last objective, CIDCCA wants to operate activities related to accessible and inclusive tourism and travel services in Colombia and abroad, as well as the organisation, promotion and sale of accessible and inclusive tourism programmes and packages, both national and foreign, providing, among other things, special tourist transport services, guides and interpreters, with persons duly registered in the national tourism register.