Commissariat général au Tourisme CGT

Commissariat général au Tourisme CGT.

Disability, Policies


Local or regional government agency

The Commissariat Général au Tourisme is the Walloon Tourism Administration.
  • Its aim is to develop sustainable, innovative and high-quality professional tourism in Wallonia, Belgium's French-speaking region. Within this framework, it defends the recognition of tourism as an economic sector that creates jobs and added value and develops natural and heritage resources as well as the Walloon identity.
  • The CGT grants subsidies to improve tourist infrastructure and facilities and is responsible for the recognition of the tourist offer. It carries out monitoring and statistical analysis missions in order to advise the Government and tourism stakeholders on the strategic choices to be implemented.
For several years now, the CGT has been implementing an action plan to promote a form of tourism that is accessible to all, sustainable and inclusive. It integrates both the notions of accessibility to tourism for persons with disabilities and those of the target groups at risk, particularly in the context of the Tourism component of the Poverty Reduction Plan. The mission consists in implementing actions that will allow the reception of all publics in the tourism sector and to develop new tools to promote "assistance to the person" and the departure on holidays.