Tourism in the EU, where is the focus of the Czech Presidency?
20 Jul 2022

Tourism in the EU, where is the focus of the Czech Presidency?.

On the occasion of the newly inaugurated Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union (CZ PRES), a series of thematic priorities with a direct impact on the field of tourism has been established.

First, energy security will be addressed as an issue that comprises both energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies. Thus, the CZ PRES proposes diversification of sources, including logistics, energy saving and accelerating the transition to renewable and low-emission energy sources, which could have a direct impact on cleaner mobility in tourism.

In terms of transports, the CZ PRES will focus mainly on the reduction of emissions in all types of transport and the digitisation of the sector. It plans to specifically focus on the development of transport infrastructure, with an emphasis on high speed railways, as well as on the Single European Sky rules in air transport, improving connectivity in inland waterway transport, and promoting smart, clean and safe mobility.

With regard to the priority of the strategic resilience of the European economy, the green and digital transitions will be implemented in such a way as to achieve regional development and cohesion policy in parallel. As far as tourism is concerned, this could involve the design of more interconnected transport networks that favor the development of tourism at an European level.

Concretely, the CZ PRES will focus on tourism with a sustainable and post-pandemic recovery approach by preparing a long-term strategy fundamentally aimed at its resilient transformation.

Another crucial issue within this sector will be the preparation of the European Agenda for Tourism 2030, building on the progress made by the previous French Presidency with regard to the discussion on the regulation of short-term rentals. This issue will be extended during the CZ PRES with the aim of developing responsible, fair and reliable growth of short-term rentals as part of a well-balanced tourism ecosystem.

The CZ PRES will also co-organise with the European Commission the European Tourism Forum between 14 and 16 November 2022. The agenda should include topics such as the EU Package Travel Directive, the upcoming EU legislation on short-term rentals, the European Tourism Agenda 2030 and other marketing topics.

Find more information about this in the Programme of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union.