ISTO welcomes its new logo and focuses on the SDGs
20 Dec 2019

ISTO welcomes its new logo and focuses on the SDGs.

A new logo

On 15 and 16 October 2019, ISTO was happy to present to its members a brand new logo, in relation with its strategic repositioning. Keeping the name "International Social Tourism Organisation", the association chose to simplify the logo with "ISTO", a word that is easier to pronounce than "OITS". The baseline that reflects our work was translated in 3 languages: french, english and spanish. The picture represents the 5 continents but most of all the 5 big themes of ISTO's DNA. You will also notice that the little balls and the lines in the same colour remind of a person with open arms, sending the message of an openminded, tolerant, welcoming attitude.

A new DNA in relation with the SDGs

In the past few months, ISTO worked on its new DNA. The result is a positioning on 5 themes: accessibility, environment, solidarity, fair business and quality of life. In order to align with the United Nations strategy 2030, ISTO has decided to link the 17 sustainable development goals to its 5 main themes. The objective today is to help ISTO members work in accordance with the SDGs towards a more sustainable and responsible tourism.