ISTO Forum Europe – Closing session
6 Oct 2021

ISTO Forum Europe - Closing session.

"To undertake a journey is to undertake something for oneself, to awaken the entrepreneur within, the entrepreneur of one's own life"

Muriel Antoniotti

Muriel Antoniotti

President of ISTO Europe
Muriel Antoniotti

Muriel Antoniotti is the Director of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Tourisme, Mountain, Art of Living & Accomodation Division

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With more than 25 years of experience in tourism for all, she has developed her expertise in particular in the areas of Children and youth mobility, European citizenship, Accessibility to holidays for all, and caregivers' respite and The development of a benevolent and beneficial tourism for local development. Her past associative commitments for ANCV, local associations for personal assistance, and currently for ISTO (2012) and Vacances Ouvertes (2018) reinforce her desire to work for tourism for all.

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Isabel Novoa

President of ISTO & Deputy General Manager at Novojet, Chile

Senior Business Leader and Strategic Business Innovation Specialist

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leading the end-to-end delivery of cultural, operational and digital transformation projects in global, customer-focused businesses. President of the International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO), also Deputy General Manager of Novojet Group, a leading social tourism Chilean tour operator.

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