ISTO eLibrary launched during World Congress in Azores
24 Oct 2022

ISTO eLibrary launched during World Congress in Azores.

Are you looking for specialized information on Fair and Sustainable Tourism for All? The ISTO Library offers you more than 700 references that will be useful for the activities of your organisation.

The Action Plan 2021-2022 of the International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO) included different axes to strengthen the organisation and the services provided to its members. As part of it, special attention was given to the creation and implementation of the digital library of ISTO, now known as the ISTO eLibrary.

The platform of the ISTO eLibrary is available here:

This platform is one of the building blocks of the Observatory of Social, Fair and Sustainable Tourism for All in which ISTO is also actively working.

During the last ISTO General Assembly in Ponta Delgada, Azores (Portugal), the official launching of the eLibrary was held.

As a result, now ISTO’s members have access to more than 700 references that provide information on social, fair, sustainable and accessible tourism around the world. The eLibrary is constantly growing, therefore the database will keep increasing over time.

Please keep in mind that for the time being, the ISTO eLibrary platform is only fully available in English, but includes references in different languages.

The ISTO eLibrary is possible thanks to the support provided by the Agence Nationale pour les Chèques-Vacances (ANCV) from France.

What kind of references will you find on the ISTO eLibrary?

You will find documents, reports, scientific articles, webinars, presentations, advocacy papers and much more that are relevant to the field of fair and sustainable tourism for all.

In which languages are the references available?

The platform of the eLibrary counts with references mainly in English, French and Spanish. Additionally, you will find references in Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, and other languages.

Who can use the ISTO eLibrary?

The eLibrary is accessible to everyone. Nevertheless, to benefit from it to its maximum, you should log in with your ISTO member account, because more than 65% of the references are only accessible to ISTO members.

What happens if you have issues with your ISTO member account?

If you are having trouble to login or remembering your password, please contact us at

Do you have interesting references to include on the ISTO eLibrary?

Great! Please send to the relevant information such as the title and link to access the reference or file and the ISTO team will do the follow-up.


Below you will find a short presentation of the ISTO eLibrary. If you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact us.