Contribution of Centro Metropolitano de Baja California
31 May 2020

Contribution of Centro Metropolitano de Baja California.

From the Centro Metropolitano de Convenciones in Baja California, Mexico, we present with great enthusiasm the progress and achievements made through our newly created program of Social and Sustainable Tourism Being pioneers among venues of its kind at the national level, we seek to implement a policy of Social and Solidarity Tourism that benefits not only the value chain of the Meetings Industry but civil society in general.

Our programme began in November 2019 and has benefited over a thousand people to date. The sectors that we have particularly served are: children, youth, women and seniors, however, in the near future we will reach other vulnerable sectors of our society
in the State of Baja California.

The lines of action that constitute our program include guided tours, informative talks, cultural, artistic, sports and academic events, as well as educational tours to higher education institutions throughout the state in order to promote the importance of a sustainable vision of the economy and tourism. Among the activities carried out are "Sonrisas Navideñas" (Christmas Smiles), "Emociones navideñas" (Christmas Emotions), “Cine en tu recinto” (Movies in your venue), Concert in homage to love with the international Moonlights of Paco Garcia, Women's Forum, as well as three guided tours for students and children in the region.

Our activities are free of charge for the attendees, seeking that every Baja Californian is informed, aware and persuaded of the importance of the venue as an integral part of the community and as an agent to care for and to place in the highest value the most precious good that we have: our citizens. Therefore, we work with all our heart, with the motto that to govern is to serve.

Today we invite our communities to stay at home, but hoping to have them close to us again in each of the spaces that make up our Precinct so that, without distinction, they can learn, have fun and interact in this space, which belongs to everyone.

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