Instituto Iberoamericano de Turismo Inclusivo

Instituto Iberoamericano de Turismo Inclusivo.

Disability, Seniors



Company based in Mexico, specialised in training, consultancy, research, dissemination, congresses, products and services that promote the inclusion of people with disabilities, older people and users of accessibility, in leisure and tourism. The Institute benefits from the support and collaboration of 60 experts in different areas of inclusive tourism from 17 Ibero-American countries.
The Institute works in different areas/projects:
  • Ibero-American Congress of Inclusive Tourism, with the organisation of events that foster the promotion and initiative of inclusive tourism products from the different links of the tourism value chain;
  • Ibero-American Journal of Inclusive Tourism, a project aimed at disseminating advances in the development of inclusive and accessible tourism from the context of each participating country;
  • Ibero-American Observatory of Inclusive Tourism, a project for the development of documentary and statistical research that supports and documents the progress of inclusive and accessible tourism;
  • Training, advice and accessibility products.