Flanar Turismo Pedagógico Técnico e Cultural

Flanar Turismo Pedagógico Técnico e Cultural.

Seniors, Youth


Tourism operator

Established in 2008 and located in Uberlandia in Minas Gerais in Brazil, Turismo Flanar Pedagogico Técnico e Cultural is a travel agency specializing in school trips and group trips for seniors. Their educational travel offer is based on an exchange and cooperation with teachers to develop teaching strategies that enable youngsters sensory observations and a good conceptualization of subjects. An important way to develop the natural and cultural heritage is also offered. The agency also operates the public Uberlandia tourism program, addressed to senior citizens and they have developed a tourism offer adapted for people with visual impairments. In 2013 and 2014, Flanar Turismo received recognition for their strengthening of tourism in their municipalities.