Fundación Educación por la Experiencia A.C.

Fundación Educación por la Experiencia A.C..

Education, Ethics, Inclusion, Welfare



The Foundation designs and develops pedagogical materials, as well as curricula for each of the programmes according to the target population (age, context, educational level, etc.). It also implements and evaluates the programmes following the methodology of Education through Experience.
The organisation makes links with organisations, companies, educational institutions to develop content, implement the programmes and fund the organisation.
The main educational programmes imparted through workshops are:
  1. Preventing and treating psychosocial risks in work environments.
  2. Bolstering and empowering students, teachers and families to build a better society.
  3. Promoting the understanding of the relationship between all living beings and the planet, based on values and ethical principles.
  4. Encouraging thinking, trust and cooperation for the reconstruction of the social fabric.
  5. Generating positive communication and educating about human rights and open spaces for the resolution of conflicts.
  6. Revitalising indigenous ancestral values, strengthening family integration, and safeguarding native languages.