Erica Schenkel

Erica Schenkel.

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Professor at the South National University (UNS) and researcher at the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET) of Argentina. Doctor in Social Sciences with a mention in Political Sciences and Public Administration. She is a member of the Alliance for Training and Research in Social Tourism of ISTO and of the Research Group on Government, Administration and Public Policies of the José Ortega y Gasset University Research Institute. She develops as research lines the topics related to tourism in its political and socio-economic aspects, particularly the approach to tourism policy and social tourism in Latin America.

Publications related to tourism (general)


Publications related to social tourism

    • SCHENKEL, Erica. (2015). “Turismo social”. En: BIAGINI, Hugo (Director). Diccionario del pensamiento alternativo. Ciudad de Buenos Aires: Biblos, 215-217. ISBN 978-987-691-338-6.