Corporación Corserba

Corporación Corserba.

Community-based tourism, Culture, Environment, Heritage, Host communities



The CORSERBA Corporation is a non-profit entity with 20 years of experience. Based in Moravia, Medellin, Colombia, the Corporation aims to grow together with the community and for the latter.
The CORSERBA Corporation carries out actions in the social, cultural, environmental, logistical and tourism fields. They work with the idea of linking environmental protection with the social fabric strengthening in vulnerable communities through art and culture.
In the field of tourism, the Corporation carries out visits to the neighbourhood of Moravia, through creative experiences such as visiting their urban garden, transforming and recycling tyres, making handmade paper, creating products from reusable waste (e.g. decorative objects) and, finally, attending typical Colombian folkloric dance classes, with a final show.