Cooperativa Regional de Economia Solidária – CRESAÇOR

Cooperativa Regional de Economia Solidária – CRESAÇOR.

Cooperative sector, Solidarity, Sustainability



CRESAÇOR is a Regional Solidarity Economy-oriented Cooperative. Its mission is to promote the solidarity economy movement in the Azores, combining the dimensions of local and community development with professional, personal and social training as well as production and commercialisation. The cooperative aims for the integration of socially and professionally disadvantaged families and communities, through the economy, in order to improve their citizenship skills and their quality of life.
CRESAÇOR assumes itself as a defender and facilitator of Human Rights and Sustainability, aiming, in all its dimensions, to represent the solidarity economy movement and to bring more solutions that strengthen the role and contribution of all, beyond its cooperators and partners, for a more just, inclusive and accessible society and coordinating its actions with the Objectives of Sustainable Development and the Solidarity Economy principles and values.
It currently has 31 cooperative organisations spread across six of the nine islands of the Azores.