Tours in the liberated lands, between beauty and resistance to the mafias
14 Jul 2022

Tours in the liberated lands, between beauty and resistance to the mafias.

The Nuova Cooperazione Organizzata (NCO) has been promoting, accompanying and inspiring the creation of numerous non-profit companies for years, bringing to life a network that welcomes citizens, students, researchers and organised groups who wish to know and share paths of rebirth and promotion of the territory and the people.

The NCO now offers the possibility of enjoying genuine responsible tourism itineraries to discover the “Lands of Don Peppe Diana”, a priest killed in 1994 by the camorra.

These itineraries show visitors the good territorial practices regarding confiscated goods, but also the local gastronomic and wine specialties and the artistic and cultural beauties of the Campania region.

Participants will have the opportunity to discover unique cultural and landscape treasures, often off the beaten tourist track, and meet people and associations who are fighting to recover their traditions and values in lands where organised crime has dominated and sometimes still dominates.

In the 1980s, in Campania, the acronym “Nuova Camorra Organizzata” represented a criminal structure organised to destroy and impoverish the territories. Today, the acronym “NCO” (Nuova Cucina Organizzata or Nuova Cooperazione Organizzata, but also Nuova Comunicazione Organizzata) is synonymous with a reality that is organising itself to restore rights, dignity and income, starting from the outcasts.

Meeting these realities, the people who work there, but above all the subjective stories of the fragile people who find in these places their space and their human development, has a considerable educational and formative value. The confiscated property is therefore no longer considered only as the consequence of a judicial process, but as a “lived” place, i.e. a physical space and a space of the soul where lives, feelings, fears and hopes develop. Where

problems and solutions meet. Where, above all, from a weakness, a crime, a fragility, a dilemma, comes the rebirth, the hope, the physical and spiritual reconstruction of not only people, but also places, territories and social contexts.

To learn more about this interesting initiative, please visit the website where you will find details of the available tours (information available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch). Here you will find the contact details of those responsible for this initiative.