ONAT4All: Project partners met to analyse the development of the project
15 Dec 2022

ONAT4All: Project partners met to analyse the development of the project.

On 13 and 14 December, Madrid hosted the different project partners representing Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy and Spain to discuss the tasks that have been finished and the upcoming ones.

Predif was the host organisation for this transnational project meeting of ONAT4All: Outdoor activities and nature and adventure tourism for all, an Eramus+ project which aims to contribute to the improvement of knowledge, skills and competencies in defining accessible tourism products, services and processes for the different tourism stakeholders.

The meeting had the participation of representatives of the International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO), the Italian Chamber of Commerce for France in Marseille (CCIFM, in the French and Italian acronym), Predif, Trekkify, and I&F.

One of the first results of the project is the Self-assessment tool (SAT) that will allow tourism organisations to evaluate their level of accessibility and provide insights on how to improve their score and be more accessible for tourists. This tool will be in brief available in English, French, Italian and Spanish on the website of the project.

Upcoming activities for this project include the development of training to provide information about a support person to facilitate access to nature and outdoor activities for people with different kinds of disabilities.

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