ISTO welcomes 3 new members from Asia, the Americas and Europe
20 Nov 2020

ISTO welcomes 3 new members from Asia, the Americas and Europe.

ISTO is pleased to announce that 3 new members join our network of fair and sustainable tourism for all. In terms of distribution, we have one new member from Asia, one from the Americas and one from Europe!

Logo Garima Voyage

Garima Voyage Travels and Tours - Nepal

Garima Voyage Travels and Tours is a tourism operator. It developed along the years a touristic offer that conciliate the local population needs and those of the tourists, proposing different activities such as organizing events about outdoor sports and music, developing and tracking routes running across forests, beautiful agricultural terraces and typical mountain villages, promoting and driving high-altitude trekking and cooperating with many expert companies working in sustainable tourism sector.

To know more about Garima Voyage Travels and Tours, click here.

Logo Keroul

Kéroul - Canada

Kéroul is a holiday support organization. It is the Quebec Ministry of Tourism's key contact for accessibility issues. Kéroul is a non-profit organization whose actions aim to make tourism and culture accessible to people with limited physical ability.

To know more about Kéroul, click here.

Logo Sardaigne en Liberté

Sardaigne en Liberté - Italy

Tourism operator created in 2016. It is the first local eco-tourism tour operator, based in the most unspoilt part of Sardinia island in Italy. Their team is made of local guides, addicted travelers, herbalists, shepherds and local people who are passionate about the natural environment and the special traditions of the island. They offer and create authentic experiences and active holidays based on local tradition and respect for nature. Sadaigne en Liberté promotes a type of tourism which is slow, tasty, unique, sustainable and 100% local.

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