ISTO Americas launches the 2nd edition of the Diploma in Sustainable and Social Tourism
26 Aug 2022

ISTO Americas launches the 2nd edition of the Diploma in Sustainable and Social Tourism.

With the aim of strengthening regional collaboration in Mexico, Central America and the Dominican Republic, promoting the development of sustainable tourism management projects, ISTO Americas is once again offering a diploma course to train professionals in the sector.

On 25 August, the introductory meeting for the Diploma took place, which subsequently started with the first distance learning module at the Sustainable & Social Tourism Summit. This meeting marked the beginning of a 70-hour course, which will run from September to December 2022. The Diploma consists of 3 different modules each complemented by specialised forums according to the themes of each module.

In addition to the collaboration sought, the fundamental aspect of the training is to bring together and raise awareness of sustainable tourism and social tourism among the participating professionals. It will also be an opportunity to collectively identify best tourism practices already in place in the different territories represented.

The training will be delivered entirely virtually so as to be accessible to all representatives of the 9 countries, while allowing the 35 participants from the region to interact with each other.

The Diploma is organised by SUSTENTUR and ISTO Americas and is supported by the Central American Commission for Environment and Development (CCAD), the German Cooperation for Sustainable Development and the Secretariat for Central American Tourism Integration (SITCA).

This opportunity offered to representatives of national tourism authorities as well as those of the Ministries of the Environment of Mexico and of the countries of the SICA region, but also to various representatives of partner regional associations and organisations, will provide new perspectives for sustainable tourism in the region.