Accessible tourism: Actions of ISTO members
22 Mar 2021

Accessible tourism: Actions of ISTO members.

As part of the ISTO Working Group on Accessible Tourism, ISTO has elaborated a document gathering the actions on accessible tourism of its different members.

ISTO has prepared a document where you can find the actions on accessible tourism of 39 member organisations. It is structured by country and type of organisation: accommodation providers, networks, regional and national authorities. Also, according to the type of action: infrastructure, digital tools, services and training.

Among the actions presented in the document are, for example, the creation of an online directory providing information on the accessibility of tourism providers and Access-i certification, which brings together all accessibility professionals. These actions make tourism more accessible for all.

This document is intended to be a source of inspiration and ideas to be adopted in other organisations in order to make tourism for all a reality. ISTO members can consult the full document here.