E-week of Fair and Sustainable Tourism for All.

An ISTO event

from 28 May

to 4 June 2020.

The coronavirus crisis makes many people reflect on the very meaning of their existence and opens up the possibility of discussing a new vision of their life projects.

What will be the role of tourism in this new society, anxious to give meaning to their personal life and their family' s life? What possibilities does this open up for giving human and social meaning to tourism in the years to come?

Your contribution.

The International Social Tourism Organisation is opening this reflection as part of its E-week of Fair and Sustainable Tourism for All, an event that will allow the voices that have always proposed using tourism as a tool for personal and collective enrichment in a context of citizenship, respect for the environment and fair trade, among many other proposals, to be heard.

These voices are yours! As members of ISTO, we invite you to share your experiences of a different kind of tourism, your vision of the crisis, and above all, of the post-crisis period, your hopes and and the future that we will continue to build together.

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Several possibilities are offered to you

  • Send us a text (max. 1 A4 page) in English, French or Spanish. If you wish, you can also send us your text in your own language together with the translated version in one of the ISTO languages.
  • Send us a short video of you or your organisation (max. 3 minutes, ideally 1.5 minutes). The video should preferably be in English, French or Spanish. We also ask you to provide us with the text of the video, in one of these 3 languages.
  • Contribute as a speaker to a virtual seminar (webinar) proposed by ISTO. We will take care of the organisation (communication, webinar platform, webinar animation, ...) and will contact you for your active participation.
  • Propose your own virtual seminar (webinar) on a theme related to a Fair and Sustainable Tourism for All and the crisis. We will be happy to add it to the week's programme.

Texts, videos and webinars proposed by your organisation should be sent to Marine Delacroix (mdelacroix@oits-isto.org) and Veronica Gomez (vgomez@isto.international) by May 18th.

All of ISTO's programming (texts, videos, webinars) and that of its members will be broadcasted between May 28th and June 4th.