Valoshki Solnechnyj Krug

Valoshki Solnechnyj Krug.



Tourism operator

Our project is dedicated to the development of the regions of Belarus, the strengthening of family values. In May of 2019, the first excursion "Minsk dynasties" was held. Guests of the tourist route visited the small town of Krupki. There the guests got acquainted with the pictures of the famous artist Boris Arakcheev. His daughter Oksana Arakcheeva talked about her childhood, her parents' relationship, how strongly the life of one artist's family was related to the era. The development of small towns, the popularization of national tourism ideas and the attraction of public attention to today's problems of depressed regions is a priority task of the "Valoshki" project. Also, when compiling routes, we plan to create a map of abandoned graves of soldiers of the First World War, Jewish and Tatar cemeteries. We received good feedback and in the future we plan to develop the theme "Minsk dynasties". The plans include a story about famous multinational families who lived and worked in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Thus, we hope to show how much the resource has a family in the life of any person.