Tourism operator

The MahayExpédition agency is a committed Tour Operator as shown by the trophy it received during the first sustainable travel awards organised in November 2019 in France. Confident that tourism is a real vector of development in Madagascar, the MahayExpédition agency proposes several travel themes but likes to emphasise that the creation of each trip is thought out so that all respect the values of sustainable and responsible tourism.
Here are the travel themes that we propose:
  • The great sites that cannot be ignored
  • Solidarity and responsible travel
  • Trekking
  • Wellness stays
  • Cruises
  • Outdoor races in stages
  • Personalised stays
Our selection criteria are numerous: selection of our employees, our drivers, our guides as well as our partner associations or NGOs, limited number of travellers during our solidarity stays (8 maximum), respect for the environment and inter-ethnic relations in the organisation of our treks and trails by stages.
Our field trips are made throughout the year on the whole Malagasy territory to create, learn and transmit our knowledge to the local populations. We have made the difficult choice to make our employees versatile in order to make them responsible for our commitment but also in order to feed their passion and motivation in relation to this form of "tourism".
In order to meet all these values, our responsible and supportive commitment is reflected in the help and support we provide to the most underprivileged: creation of sanitary facilities and showers, renovation of lodgings, donations of school kits, new shoes and clothing, invitation of Malagasy farmers to our stage races and putting our associative partners in contact with our network for the financing of projects that have been studied beforehand.
Together for a responsible, sustainable and united tourism in Madagascar!