The Virtual Micheline Railcar in Festisens

The Virtual Micheline Railcar in Festisens.


This event is organised in the framework of FESTISENS, a festival established out of the will of various economic and social committees and associations based in Châtelleraudais and its surroundings.
The festival is free and open to everyone. The theme of the festival changes every year, but its core topic remains the same: offering festive, cultural and playful child and family-oriented activities. This publicly-acclaimed event welcomes around 3000 people every year. We wish to welcome more people every year, so that a greater number of people can benefit from our activities. The activities we offer are mainly funded by affiliated economic and social committees and associations.
This year, EKITOUR joined forces with its historical partners and 18 works councils in order to organise a festival around the 1950s on Sunday 11 June 2023 between 11:00am and 6:30pm.
At our booth, we intend to offer a "participative activity" to introduce our potential future travellers to the world of trains.
This activity is open to everyone and hosted by three actors: Head mechanic: Alain Chautard Ticket inspectors: François Sabourin and Benjamin Savarit
The aim of our event is to immerse our audience in the world of trains through a sound animation. The Virtual Micheline Railcar Experience intends to provide the public with a simulator, which allows our visitors to control a Micheline locomotive thanks to decommissioned SNCF equipment. The sound atmosphere created is typical of the railway world. However, this set up favours a playful, poetic and humorous approach in order to appeal to the user's imagination. It is similar to a digital musical instrument where the user creates an interactive soundscape that generates events likely to influence the progress of the train.
The Virtual Micheline Railcar is part of a journey to discover the equipment, technologies and professions related to the railway industry of today and tomorrow.