16 Jun 2021

CafecISTO International.

Date 16/06/2021 -

At ISTO we are organizing a series of monthly webinars for our members and community.

In June we are hosting a CafecISTO International. This month’s theme is “Research insights – ‘Handbook of social tourism’ by ISTO Alliance” CafecISTO International will take place online at:
  • 10:00 Montreal
  • 15:00 Cotonou
  • 16:00 Brussels
The Alliance for training and research presents the recent ’Handbook of social tourism’ edited by Anya Diekmann & Scott McCabe. In a time of the pandemic impacting holidays and increasing ever growing inequalities, the topical handbook highlights the most recent studies in social tourism. After a short introduction by the editors, several authors from different countries will present their chapters by highlighting the implications for the social tourism sector and/or policy and decision makers. The event will be in English. It is free and registration is required. Click here to register!